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What is the ODP?

USRowing’s olympic Development program

Why ODP?

Participants in the USRowing U19 ODP have the opportunity to develop as athletes, receive quality instruction, be exposed to regional, collegiate and national team coaches, race against top-level competition, and represent their region in competition. Signing up for USRowing’s Olympic Development Program provides –

  1. Development as an athlete. The opportunity to train and socialize with the best athletes in one’s age group.
  2. Quality instruction from USRowing certified and Olympic experienced coach.
  3. Quality competition. The ODP Summer Cup will bring together the top junior rowers in the country.
  4. Exposure to regional and national team coaches.
  5. The opportunity to represent one’s region in competition.
  6. Exposure to college coaches invited to the ODP Summer Cup.

Athlete Benefits

Participation in the program includes:


  • On-the-water instruction with a focus on technical improvements necessary for boat moving ability.
  • Sessions in all boat classes, with particular attention paid to small boats, to help athletes develop better boat sense and become more well-rounded rowers. 
  • Regular education on how to deal with the stress of selection, while placed alongside other highly motivated and competitive individuals.
  • Invaluable education in nutrition, strength training, sports psychology, positive social media, and SafeSport principles.
  • Coxswain development.
  • Introduction into coastal rowing.
  • College recruiting guidance from our roster of collegiate coaches as well as a dedicated video review for athlete portfolios and increased visibility with college coaches through participation at the ODP Summer Cup.
  • Free CaptainU account + individual video + assessment packet 
  • Guided functional movement training to long term athlete development and injury prevention.
  • Official USRowing gear package including ODP uni, backpack, t-shirt, hat, and more!


Comprehensive curriculum 


  • Coxswain curriculum – leadership, steering, race management, race strategy, inflection, safety, vocabulary, athlete coaching, basic rigging, technique analysis. 
  • Rower curriculum – small boat skills, sweeping and sculling, nutrition, mental preparation, basic rigging, technique analysis, race preparation, recovery and rest, injury prevention.
  • Additional curriculum – strength training, mobility, safe lifting standards, periodization, athletic development.